It was May 12th, 1990 when young Croatian Adriano Fuerte saw his first light of day. It has all begun at the age of 3 when he started singing songs of Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley and re-playing popular tunes on his little synth. At primary school he was part of a choir standing out with his musical skills. At the age of 14 he dived into the world of hip hop and started writing lyrics, recording them over punchy hip hop beats he produced also by himself. He was doing pretty good and attracted a lot of attention in his home country. However, he always showed some interest for genres like house music & trance. After getting in touch with more & more house music songs, at the age of 21 he finally found his true love and started producing progressive& electro house. In January 2012 he teamed up with his friends Lazy Rio (DJ/Producer) & OhZee (Vocalist/DJ) to create the group “Red Light District”. Shortly after that he also fall in love with DJ-ing and made quick progress. In summer 2012 he entered the Burn DJ competition & ended up in the top 10 of Croatia/Slovenia within a competition of over 200 DJ’s and that was his first live show ever!!! In September 2012 together with his group “Red Light District” he released “Restless”, an energetic & anthemic song that encountered praise by a lot of people. In January 2013 he signed his first record deal with Waxtone Records, the leading Chilean EDM record label and his brand new single “Make The Ground Shake” was released on February 1st, already receiving big expectations and admiration from all over the world after hearing just the preview. “Make The Ground Shake” was supported by few of worlds most popular dj’s/producers like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Ned Shepard, Arno Cost, and Steerner. In May 2013 he released his remix for “OneRepublic” smash hit “If I Lose Myself” which reached over 16.000 in only one week. On May 16th he decides to take part at ULTRA EUROPE DJ competition to win 90 minute DJ set and after a long and stressfull voting process, the jury declared him 1st among over 1,300 DJ’s from all over the world. His dreams came true and he played at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL EUROPE side to side with Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Nicky Romero, Avicii, Afrojack, Fedde Le Grand, W&W, Sander van Doorn and many other DJ stars! Adriano Fuerte also delivers the newest and best house music songs every month with his ”Stay Fuerte Radio” which is aired every month at 1Mix Radio based out of the United Kingdom.


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